My First Blog Post

More like my fifth “1st” blog post! Let’s just say I’m not a blogger, this is the fifth blog I’ve created in 7 years. I prefer to serve my audience via social media but recently a group of people I admire and respect flat out told me I needed a blog. After presenting my arguments as to why I suck at it and how I don’t need one more thing on my plate, they explained to me that a blog is something I own; I don’t own my Facebook or Instagram content, not really. And what if social media were to crash, become restricted, or something worse? ALL those years of my content would be gone! It’s a sobering thought. So here I am, back at it, but with a renewed purpose to protect my content that I work so tirelessly on to serve my audience, my friends. I will do my best each week to post once on beauty and once on health related issues that I hope add value to your life. In return, I’d sure appreciate your presence, your subscribing, your comments, and referrals.

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