Stop the Mask of Foundation

Is your foundation aging you? Maybe its not YOU, maybe its foundation in general. I ditched foundation in my late 30s because it made my skin look older. As we age our pores enlarge, sunspots rear their ugly head, nose/cheeks/chin become uneven, and our skin takes on texture. Foundation only enhances that.

Here are my tips for younger looking skin without a lot of coverage. Let me know what you think. And as always, please comment to ask questions or share what’s been working for you.

4 thoughts on “Stop the Mask of Foundation

  1. Hi Michelle..
    Excited to try this process. I feel like makeup just settles into my lines throughout the day, and makes my makeup look heavy.
    I am starting to get rosacea on my cheeks.. I thought they were just broken capillaries, but when getting a facial recently, the esthetician noted that my rosacea was getting worse.. and I was like.. Huh? lol

    If you could give me some information about the rosacea treatment you were talking about, that’d be great.
    One last thing.. how long does concealer last? I have a tube of shape tape that is probably a year old.. i hated how it looked when I put it under my eyes.. (!!) and so it’s been in my drawer ever since.
    thanks for all you do!! =]


    1. Hi Cyndi! Thanks so much for watching and commenting. I’m glad you liked my tips! As for Rosacea, I don’t know of a treatment per se, but there is a great product called Bye Bye Redness by IT Cosmetics and it covers rosacea well and then you can layer it with foundation, tinted moisturizer, CC cream, whatever!


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