My Fast & “5” Overnight Oats

Only 5 ingredients, only minutes to prepare!

Friends, I’m going to make this a fast, easy read because this is a fast easy recipe! I look forward to making this each week because it literally only takes minutes to prepare, can store in fridge for days, and is the easiest, healthiest grab-n-go breakfast you’ll EVER make! Who has time for a Starbucks drive thru? This is a huge time saver, budget saver AND nourishes your body in ways a drive thru can’t.

OH, and for my FASTer Way to Fat Loss clients (macros listed below), make this in batches on Tuesday evenings for grab-n-go-mornings on Regular Macro days like Wednesdays thru Sundays! I love using mason jars and eat right out of them but you could use Tupperware as well.

Ready? It’s so easy you don’t even have to write this down but feel free to screenshot and save to Favorites on your phone for quick access; that’s what I do with many recipes myself.

Ingredients: Rolled Oats (1/2 cup), Chia Seeds (1 TBSP), Vanilla Almond milk (8 oz), Cinnamon (dash), and fresh blueberries (as many as you want). **Note: I use Bob’s Mill Organic Rolled Oats or Trader Joe’s Rolled Oats in a bag. Don’t use “quick” oats and won’t work with “Irish” oats.

Directions: Add all ingredients except blueberries. Mix well, especially to make sure the chia seeds are well mixed and not clumping. Store in refrigerator until morning; can keep for 3-5 days. That’s it! Easy! I like to add the fruit the next morning but you can place it on top of the mixture the night before. You can even add your choice of sweetener, just make sure it fits your macros!

Now, for Macros with 1/2 cup berries: 43 g Carbs, 10 g Fat, and 10 g protein


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