6 Minute/38 Second Makeup

How’s THAT for a title? But seriously, I did this look, minus the strip lashes, in exactly that, six minutes:thirty eight seconds.

What’s the difference in these photos? About 10 minutes! This was my Saturday morning makeup and I took a screenshot of my stopwatch to document how long it took, minus the lashes which might have been another minute or so. I didn’t include lashes in my time as most women don’t wear lashes. This look was created with 100% clean beauty products, non-toxic, which score an impressive 1-2 on EWG.org. Oh, you don’t know what EWG.org is? Check out EWG Skin Deep Data base where they rate the toxicity of products ranging from 1-10, 1 being the cleanest and 10 being highly toxic. You might be shocked to see how high your traditional products score. For instance, my NARS Orgasm blush scored an 8, but here I’m wearing an almost exact match, Beautycounter Nectar, which scores a 1-2. I created a video tutorial of this look that I will post tomorrow OR you could go to my Instagram page to find it. After I posted the video I had many people asking me about the names of products I used so I will list them here and post a link in case you want to grab anything. I don’t believe in throwing out all toxic makeup, skin care, hair, or body products BUT I am a firm believer that as you run out, try replenishing it with a clean version. Our skin is our largest organ, it does matter what you put on it!


Face: Dew Skin #2 (I might go up to #3 this summer)

Brows: Brow Gel in blonde

Concealer: Concealer Pen in Light

Mascara: Voluminzing Mascara

Powder Blush: Nectar

Lips: Peony Gloss

ALL above products: Beautycounter http://beautycounter.com/michellespieler

Lashes: Cristina Wispies (from Amazon)

Glue: Thrive Causemetics Latex Free Non Toxic Waterproof Adhesive (SO impressed!!!!)

Stay tuned for my tutorial video post tomorrow! Have you tried clean beauty? I’d love to hear about what you’ve tried!!!!!

Stop the Mask of Foundation

Is your foundation aging you? Maybe its not YOU, maybe its foundation in general. I ditched foundation in my late 30s because it made my skin look older. As we age our pores enlarge, sunspots rear their ugly head, nose/cheeks/chin become uneven, and our skin takes on texture. Foundation only enhances that.

Here are my tips for younger looking skin without a lot of coverage. Let me know what you think. And as always, please comment to ask questions or share what’s been working for you.