Hip Yet Comfy, My Favorite Combo

These pieces work for any age, any size!

I started this blog to share my 20+ years experience in beauty and my passion for learning all things health related BUT, I’m often asked about my outfits so I wouldn’t be serving my audience well if I didn’t occasionally share what I’m wearing. I won’t post links but I will share where I shopped and hopefully someday Liketoknowit will approve me to link items to make shopping easier for you!

I work from home coaching women with their health so I can wear anything I want and that’s usually active wear, but when I freelance doing makeup I like to be equally comfy yet stylish. Friends, we’ve never lived in a better time of fashion! (well, except for the 80s! Where my 80s girls at?) Because I’m 52, I’m mindful of not trying to dress like a 21 year old, but I also like to look youthful and hip because of the industry I’m in. I also work hard on my body and while you’ll never see me in midriffs or miniskirts, I do like to look fit.

So let’s get started: all of these pieces were purchased in the last week so should still be available. My top is Old Navy Activewear. It’s a black sweatshirt that has crisscross panels in the front making for a flattering shape while longer in the back to cover your backside. My ankle boots are from Target and are so easy to slip into due to the deep cut under the ankle. On cold days I might need socks to cover exposed skin but they’re perfect for now, pair these with leggings or skinny pants. My pants were my most surprising discovery. I popped into Rue 21 for my tween daughter and spotted these camo skinny jeans for me. They have lots of stretch making them about as comfy as activewear. I’m normally a size 2 or 4 in ladies pants but because this is a Junior’s store, I’m a size 6. They’re mid-rise so they hide the muffin top but not so high waisted that they are unflattering from the back. I work out hard, especially fighting gravity on my backside, but even super high waisted don’t flatter my booty too well. All of these pieces were around $25 each! An entire outfit for only $75! I’m terrible at accessorizing but you could elevate this outfit to a whole new level with some fun pieces. If you do, send me a photo, I need inspiration in that area!

Best Hummus EVER! And Easy!

Top with a drizzle of EVOO, a dash of Paprika, and a sprinkle of chopped fresh parsley

I adore hummus and was fortunate to have grown up in California where every ethnic food imaginable was available to me. We were blessed to have had an amazing Lebanese restaurant within walking distance, and even more blessed to have a Lebanese next door neighbor. Samo taught me how to make real falafel, one of my favorite dishes on earth, and homemade hummus. I love how customizable hummus is! I’m a HUGE lemon and garlic fan so I’ll show you my recipe the way I love it but you can omit and/or add anything you want. Hummus is super easy to make and gives you a larger amount than store bought so it’s cost effective. I do still pick up hummus from the grocery store on busy weeks, there are so many good ones, but there is nothing I love more than the flavor of my own! If you’ve never made your own before, get ready to be amazed, you’ll become addicted! And what a healthy addiction it is!

For my FASTer Way clients, I’ll provide macros after the recipe. Keep tracking!

The line-up. Easy, right?


Can of Garbanzo Beans 15.5 oz, drained and rinsed

3 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3 TBSP Tahini (often in PB aisle, but always in International Foods)

Juice of one lemon (1& 1/2 if you want extra tangy)

1-3 garlic cloves minced (I like 3; and don’t use jarred, please use fresh)

1 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon salt ( I love pink himalayan salt)

2-3 TBSP water

Directions: dump everything except water into your food processor. Don’t pulse, use the ON button to blend well. Stop and scrap sides. Blend again until it looks incorporated. Now add 1 TBSP of water at a time and blend. I love my hummus really creamy but you can omit water if you like yours drier and more textured. I usually stop at 3 TBSP, for me the perfect consistency!

Serving Size is 2 TBSP and here are the macros for my FASTer Way clients:

Fat: 4 grams

Carbs: 5 grams (net carbs are 3.5)

Protein: 1.5 grams

I truly believe that Middle Eastern food, specifically Lebanese, is my favorite food on earth! How I’d love to visit someday! Tell me what your favorite cuisine region is; I’d love to hear!