Special Occasion Eye Shadow Tutorial for Mature Eyes

….. but works for any age!

This tutorial was primarily for my friend Kelly who offered to help her friend with special occasion makeup this coming weekend. We are gals over 40, possibly even 50, and if not done correctly can age someone rather than enhance their beauty. This video is from a Facebook LIVE but is super useful in the tools and tricks category of mature makeup. I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think or your biggest takeaway.

Do you think you could replicate this look after watching my tutorial?

Mini Top-Knot 101: a tutorial

A quick and easy tutorial

Hey friends, I’m asked weekly in person and via direct messages how I do my top knot. I thought everyone knew how but I’m learning that just because something is easy for me, doesn’t mean everyone knows. Just like how I don’t know how to invest money! Or do housework! Or landscaping! Never be shy reaching out to me to find out my techniques or products, I’m here to serve! Not much more to say, it’ll all make more sense by watching this brief video. I try to keep all of my videos under 10 minutes because women are busy and there are too many tutorials out there that take FAR to long to watch! Cut to the chase, people! We don’t have an hour to hear about your skin care reviews! Ugh! Enjoy and pop back and let me know how it worked for you! Or tag me on social media, it’s my reward when people show me what they’ve learned from watching my videos!