6 Minute/38 Second Makeup

How’s THAT for a title? But seriously, I did this look, minus the strip lashes, in exactly that, six minutes:thirty eight seconds.

What’s the difference in these photos? About 10 minutes! This was my Saturday morning makeup and I took a screenshot of my stopwatch to document how long it took, minus the lashes which might have been another minute or so. I didn’t include lashes in my time as most women don’t wear lashes. This look was created with 100% clean beauty products, non-toxic, which score an impressive 1-2 on EWG.org. Oh, you don’t know what EWG.org is? Check out EWG Skin Deep Data base where they rate the toxicity of products ranging from 1-10, 1 being the cleanest and 10 being highly toxic. You might be shocked to see how high your traditional products score. For instance, my NARS Orgasm blush scored an 8, but here I’m wearing an almost exact match, Beautycounter Nectar, which scores a 1-2. I created a video tutorial of this look that I will post tomorrow OR you could go to my Instagram page to find it. After I posted the video I had many people asking me about the names of products I used so I will list them here and post a link in case you want to grab anything. I don’t believe in throwing out all toxic makeup, skin care, hair, or body products BUT I am a firm believer that as you run out, try replenishing it with a clean version. Our skin is our largest organ, it does matter what you put on it!


Face: Dew Skin #2 (I might go up to #3 this summer)

Brows: Brow Gel in blonde

Concealer: Concealer Pen in Light

Mascara: Voluminzing Mascara

Powder Blush: Nectar

Lips: Peony Gloss

ALL above products: Beautycounter http://beautycounter.com/michellespieler

Lashes: Cristina Wispies (from Amazon)

Glue: Thrive Causemetics Latex Free Non Toxic Waterproof Adhesive (SO impressed!!!!)

Stay tuned for my tutorial video post tomorrow! Have you tried clean beauty? I’d love to hear about what you’ve tried!!!!!

Why I Joined the Clean Beauty Movement in Uncertain Times

Clean and Pretty!!!!!!

Why I joined the clean beauty movement during uncertain times:

1.) The Discount!!!!! As a professional makeup artist of over 20+ years, I RARELY pay full price for makeup. Most companies offer a PRO discount to artists with credentials and so I’ve received deep discounts on luxury brands since 2003. Notice I mention luxury brands, I’m a makeup and skin care snob and wouldn’t join a company that didn’t deliver real results, all while assuring my health and safety. Win!

2.) It was FREE to join!!!! Not only was the usual Consultant Fee of $98 waived, I also received a darling canvas tote bag, my FAVORITE product the Overnight Resurfacing Peel (full sized worth $69), and also a full sized lipstick “9 to 5” in a natural shade! To me this was a no brainer and no better time to partner with this movement. The $98 Consult Fee is waived until April 30th, get IN!!!!!!!

3.) Calculated Risk!!! If you look at huge brands, many were started by risk takers who went against the odds: Henry Ford, Elon Musk (Tesla), Sarah Blakely (Spanx), Gregg Renfew (Beautycounter), to name a few, and while I’m not starting my very own company, I’m taking a risk in that my husband and I are BOTH unemployed with no jobs on the horizon. Money is TIGHT to say the least! Because the Consult Fee is waived I felt peace about taking a calculated risk spending money in uncertain times on products I already loved, needed to replenish, and trusted implicitly.

4.) Tutorial Requests. In the past 5 weeks of this quarantine 2020, I’ve had several people each week reach out and either ask for specific tutorials OR encourage me to do them to help others since we’re all home, bored, stir crazy, and a growing weary of the no-makeup-dirty-hair-yoga-pant look! This way instead of sending people to several different places to find/order products, I can streamline my product suggestions while earning income for my family.

5.) One Stop Shop!!!! This might be the most important reason so I felt it important to end on. I am SO sick and tired of wasting time, energy, and money on clean beauty products that are inferior to my tried-and-true luxury brands. I’m tired of investigating labels and ingredients or searching for safe products on EWG’s Skin Deep Database only to find that they can’t possibly keep up with the thousands of products on the market with more being added each day. I originally joined Beautycounter back in 2015 when I learned of all the toxic ingredients that the FDA allowed in our beauty and personal care products. I was shocked! Ever since, I’ve always had Beautycounter products in my regimen here and there but because I used so many other companies, I was certainly piece mailing and just grew tired of it. Companies create their products to all work beautifully together. When you use a serum from one company and a moisturizer from another you just won’t achieve the same results as when you stick to one company/one regime. I already know and trust Beautycounter and wanted to use their products from head to toe: bath/body, hair, SPF, Men, skin care, and makeup. One-Stop-Shop!!!!!

I will be adding some natural makeup tutorials here on my blog so stay tuned. I’m here for any questions and will even link my website for your convenience. http://beautycounter.com/michellespieler

Have you tried clean beauty? What brands have you tried and what has been your experience ???

Hip Yet Comfy, My Favorite Combo

These pieces work for any age, any size!

I started this blog to share my 20+ years experience in beauty and my passion for learning all things health related BUT, I’m often asked about my outfits so I wouldn’t be serving my audience well if I didn’t occasionally share what I’m wearing. I won’t post links but I will share where I shopped and hopefully someday Liketoknowit will approve me to link items to make shopping easier for you!

I work from home coaching women with their health so I can wear anything I want and that’s usually active wear, but when I freelance doing makeup I like to be equally comfy yet stylish. Friends, we’ve never lived in a better time of fashion! (well, except for the 80s! Where my 80s girls at?) Because I’m 52, I’m mindful of not trying to dress like a 21 year old, but I also like to look youthful and hip because of the industry I’m in. I also work hard on my body and while you’ll never see me in midriffs or miniskirts, I do like to look fit.

So let’s get started: all of these pieces were purchased in the last week so should still be available. My top is Old Navy Activewear. It’s a black sweatshirt that has crisscross panels in the front making for a flattering shape while longer in the back to cover your backside. My ankle boots are from Target and are so easy to slip into due to the deep cut under the ankle. On cold days I might need socks to cover exposed skin but they’re perfect for now, pair these with leggings or skinny pants. My pants were my most surprising discovery. I popped into Rue 21 for my tween daughter and spotted these camo skinny jeans for me. They have lots of stretch making them about as comfy as activewear. I’m normally a size 2 or 4 in ladies pants but because this is a Junior’s store, I’m a size 6. They’re mid-rise so they hide the muffin top but not so high waisted that they are unflattering from the back. I work out hard, especially fighting gravity on my backside, but even super high waisted don’t flatter my booty too well. All of these pieces were around $25 each! An entire outfit for only $75! I’m terrible at accessorizing but you could elevate this outfit to a whole new level with some fun pieces. If you do, send me a photo, I need inspiration in that area!

Special Occasion Eye Shadow Tutorial for Mature Eyes

….. but works for any age!

This tutorial was primarily for my friend Kelly who offered to help her friend with special occasion makeup this coming weekend. We are gals over 40, possibly even 50, and if not done correctly can age someone rather than enhance their beauty. This video is from a Facebook LIVE but is super useful in the tools and tricks category of mature makeup. I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think or your biggest takeaway.

Do you think you could replicate this look after watching my tutorial?