Michelle Spieler

How To Gua Sha Your Face and Why

This is a capture from my video where I’m genuinely shocked by how much the Gua Sha lifted one side of my face in minutes. Trust me, you NEED this tool ! And here’s my link to the new one, better shape, I just bought on Amazon, only $6.99 with FREE shipping! https://amzn.to/3jJo87F

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2 thoughts on “Michelle Spieler

  1. Hi, loved your makeup posts! What do you recommend for coverage of redness and scarring? I have scarring and redness on my cheek areas and was uncertain if the tinted moisturizer would work for me? I use the IT foundation and powder currently. I am 45 and will also be trying your eye tips as they are also a big concern with puffiness!! Ty!!


    1. Hi Shelley, so good to hear from you! For redness and even scarring, try the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness in the pot. Tap it all over said areas until blended in, don’t rub, pat it in. You can try that with the IT foundation, either before or after, see which method works best for you!


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